"A new way of thinking is necessary if humanity is to survive."


Albert Einstein

The school system and its natural enemies

Author: Trixi Rosenthaler

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The school system and its natural enemies Part 1:

Survival strategies for parents of schoolchildren


21x13.5 cm


248 pages

ISBN 978-3-9503133-2-1

The brilliant school counselor for parents

The parents of schoolchildren are not threatened with extinction, but their "enemies" can make their lives very difficult. The present "survival strategies" are intended to help the parents overcome the schooling time of their children undamaged and even pleased by deliberately recognizing, defusing, and eliminating the supposed enemies.

Trixi Rosenthaler, herself mother of four children,
teacher and coach in the first volume of her series "The School Being and Its Natural Enemies" describes how this can be accomplished.