Stefanie Granierer


Stefanie Granierer, born 14th April 1967 in Vienna studied  languages at Houston Baptist University and Lamar University in Texas, USA, and after graduating she then proceeded to work in the tourism industry.

When her two children were born she quit her job to stay at home as a full-time mother whilst completing the training and exams "PTR" to become a Professional Tennis trainer

After her divorce, she met Herbert again, who had emigrated to Israel after his studies, in order to live a Jewish life. Steffi had already met Herbert at the age of 11 as her very first tennis coach. Even then their ties were closely intertwined. In 2009 she married her true love Herbert who has sadly passed away.


Steffi is now living together with her two sons in Vienna.

Until now, she wrote short stories and poems, which, however, mainly spread among friends. The new book: "Talks after death" is her first book, soon to be published, which fills all of us with great joy.