“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

St. Augustine



I am pleased to present to you Authal Books that I formed in 2011. In establishing this publishing house I was able to express my lifelong love of books.  Since childhood I have always viewed books as friends, as pleasurable, artistic items that allow a glimpse into new worlds and fantasies.


At Authal Books I publish books about knowledge, miracles, and humour: three things that I believe are essential to life.  In our collection you will be able to find books of an unusual nature, on unusual topics, with tales of fantasy, as well as astute guides by Austrian authors


The tree as a natural symbol and mirror image of man is an important part of our philosophy. No tree is like another: there are strong and weak, morbid and cheerful, caring and selfish types, the sick and survivalists. Above all, for me trees symbolise power, singularity, and life affirmation.   They teach us about setting down roots, rising up, and the constant strive for light.  Trees are the poems that Earth writes to Heaven (Khalil Gibran).


I wish you lots of pleasure with our fascinating books. 


Dr Karin Halbritter

special moments with our authors