"A new way of thinking is necessary if humanity is to survive."


Albert Einstein

Humour versus Tumour

Author: Dr. Andreas Kienzl, Dr. Wolfgang Halbritter, Dr. Karin Halbritter

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Illustrations by Herbert Loserl
132 pages, paperback


ISBN 978-3-9503133-0-7

Based on their highly positive experiences with cancer patients, Humor therapist Dr. Andreas Kienzl, Dr. Karin Halbritter and Dr. Wolfgang Halbritter have proven that cancer and a good mood are not two opposites.

The reality -as so often- is contrary.


Humor is an ingenious system people have to be able to overcome difficult stages of life and also to fend off the associated fears and disappointments since humor is incompatible with any sense of hopelessness or helplessness.


Through therapeutic humor a powerful and healing distance is set between mental or physical problems and the patient, because of this distance many unsuspected powers, resources and also perspectives can raise.